Cloth Diapering: The Journey Begins…

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Good news: I finally got my husband on board to try cloth diapering! It wasn’t easy ladies, this man had his reservations and then some! But somehow, for some reason, he came around – the weird thing is I’m not sure it was because of anything I said or did. Anyway, I showed him the four major options and surprisingly we both ended up at the same place – we are planning to try basic prefolds with waterproof covers – our thinking is that it’s the least expensive and if this doesn’t go over well, we know we’ll use those prefolds elsewhere.

Here’s what we’ve ordered so far:

  • Gerber Diaper Service Quality Prefolds – I went back and forth and hummed and hawed, but these got decent reviews and the price was, well, okay. I ordered two packs so we should have enough to get through one day – initially we’ll just fall back on disposables if we need more, but at some point if we like this, we’ll be buying more, not necessarily the same brand – I suppose that depends on their absorbency, etc.
  • Thirsties Diaper Wraps in Mango and Rose – I know these covers have no reviews but Thirsties in general had wonderful reviews and I liked the look, price and idea of these.
  • Mommy’s Touch Diaper Pail Liner – There are so many different options for wet bags but the reviews on this one seemed good, the price seemed fair and at some point you just have to make a decision. We almost waited on this until I pointed out to the reluctant dh, “Where do you propose we put the dirty diapers before washing them?” I want to pick up a trash can or bin to put the liner in as I’d hate to learn the hard way just how waterproof the bag is.
  • Snappis – these seem to be a cloth diapering standard – I ordered two as I really can’t imagine needing more than two – one might have been sufficient, but what if it breaks?
  • Flannel Baby Wipes – this was actually Dan’s suggestion as he pointed out that it would be easier to dispose of than a a nasty poop covered disposable with no diaper to hide in, cheaper in the long run and eco-friendly since we’re going that route. I’m planning to pick up a spray bottle and try the recipe for Homemade Diaper Wipe Solution that Simple Mom mentions at the bottom of this post.

If we like this, I will want to pick up more prefolds so I don’t have to do laundry every day and probably some extra diaper covers, etc. I’d also love to try these diaper liners but I agreed to wait on them for now. Any cloth diapering tips or suggestions for things to pick up or methods to try?

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    FireMom says:

    Some interesting choices you have there. I made one mistake that I see you might be making. For your diaper pail there, you should really have one with a zipper that simply hangs on the door/knob/hook. That makes taking it to the laundry room much easier. With actual “pails” you find out that they are going to wick moisture through the waterproof bag wherever they’re touching something. So carrying it to your laundry room while be gross to touch and gross to smell. Zippered bags are a much better option.
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    Gah! I thought you were going to try Bum Genius? I have them, after using gdiapers, and I love them!
    Amanda @´s last blog ..Our Anniversary & Father’s Day

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    @ Amanda : We might try the Bum Genius later down the road – in fact I’d be open to trying all the different methods – this is just what we decided on to get started.

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    Sarah says:

    Don’t forget wetbags! I have a small one for the diaper bag, and a large one that can be a diaper pail liner but mostly gets used as a laundry bag for trips or a waterproof bag for all of the swim gear. Wetbags with stylish fabrics are the best part of cloth diapering! I really like the ones I got from Monkey Foot Designs.

    I love our BumGenius diapers, and I’m trying gDiapers right now too!
    Sarah´s last blog ..Really Wordy Wednesday – Finding Balance

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    Mrs. Cox says:

    Definitely wet bags … We used basic prefolds and covers and Kushies AIOs and had no regrets. Snappis for sure, love those — The thought of using pins worried both me and the mister. We use reusable wipes as well, but just bought cheapo baby washcloth packages and used those. Made our own wipe solution with water, tea tree oil, and vitamin E. Also be sure to check out places like for deals on cheap diapers. If you’re good with a sewing machine I would even suggest trying your hand at making some covers or AIOs. Good luck!! I hope you and your family enjoy CDing as much as we do
    Mrs. Cox´s last blog ..Signature23 Skincare Review & Giveaway